enjoy being a vip



The value of working with Jetsetters International is our extensive knowledge, expertise and industry connections.  The first step in planning your trip involves getting to know our clients.  In order to find the best fit for your vacation, we like to get to know you and your travel needs. 

  • You will hear back from us within 24 hours about your vacation.

  • Being connected and accessible is of the utmost priority. We are here to support you while you travel.

  • Our goal is to have extensive knowledge of the areas being traveled on your vacation.

  • If we have not personally traveled to these destinations we have local ground operators in every country we stay connected with when you are abroad.

  • Every client that books with Jetsetters is encouraged to purchase trip protection. Plans can change unexpectedly and we want you to be prepared.

  • Communication is the key component to any relationship. It is our policy to speak with our clients first before any information and prices are sent.

  • We believe in forming long term relationships with our clients. All new clients must start with creating a profile through the New Client Registration tab. This allows you to access your own client portal and store information for future trips.

  • A retainer is required at the start of the planning process. When your vacation is solidified the full amount is refunded back to you. If you choose to not travel or book outside our company the deposit is non-refundable. Plans must be finalized within 30 days or the retainer will be forfeited.

  • If air cannot be booked as a package with our suppliers, ticketing fees will be applicable for booking separate airfare. A $25 fee for domestic travel and $50 fee for international travel will be applied to the fare. All Premium economy seats will incur fees of $75 per ticket and Business Class/First class seats $100 per ticket.


Cancellation Policy:

Plans change that are sometimes beyond our control. This is why at Jetsetters we encourage every client to purchase trip insurance. Once a deposit has been made the client will incur the cancellations fees of the tour operator. This will be included in the fine print of your booking invoice. If you cannot locate this information please ask and we will provide the specific information as each tour operator has different policies. In addition Jetsetters will charge a $250 cancellation fee per booking and a $100 change fee for revising deposited itineraries. 

If trip insurance has been purchased, and cancellation falls under a covered reason these fees are redeemable through your insurance claim. It is the responsibility of the client to submit all documentation when submitting an insurance claim. We will provide you with the opportunity to purchase a policy but it is the client's responsibility to file any claims leading to changes in travel. 

Click here to see a complete explanations of our terms and conditions.